Victoria Savka is an interdisciplinary artist who highlights the silliest and the sweetest moments in nature.  Victoria grew up in the marshes, creeks, and gardens of Western New York where she caught frogs, planted flowers, and assisted snails.  Victoria finds inspiration in the small moments of nature where stories are waiting to be discovered and told.  These daily reminders of the beauty and quietude of nature pull us back to our roots.  
Victoria dearly admires the simplicity of American Folk Art, the whimsical humor of Staffordshire pottery, the moral and sometimes ethereal nature of fables and tall tales, the twisted humor in Ronald Dahl and Guy de Maupassant’s short stories, and the poetic color palettes of Les Nabis. Victoria holds a BFA in Illustration, BFA in Fine Arts, and a Masters in Art Education from Rochester Institute of Technology.  She has done residencies at Main Street Arts, The Yards, and is happy to say her work is found in happy homes throughout this wide world.  Victoria currently works and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband and two cats.

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